Gary Michelson: Inventor & Investor

February 5, 2016


Gary Michelson is in his late 60s and a resident of Los Angeles, California. His is married with one child. Gary holds a bachelor’s degree from Temple University and earned his doctor of medicine degree from Hahnemann Medical College. Gary is an orthopedic and spinal surgeon-turned-inventor. He would eventually become and investor and philanthropist as […]

Liu Xuejing: GMK Holding Chairman

February 2, 2016


Supplying chickens to restaurants and copper smelting are world’s apart. There’s hardly any relationships between these two undertakings and they are certainly not in the same industry. The two businesses require different kinds of expertise. This did not stop Liu Xuejing from successfully engaging in these two businesses. Liu Xuejing is in his mid 60s […]

Richard Hayne: Urban Outfitters Founder & CEO

January 28, 2016


Richard Hayne was born on May 26, 1947. A graduate of Lehign University, he was actually a hippie before he opened his first apparel store with his then wife Judy Wick. This was in the mid 70s and the store was near the University of Pennsylvania with a startup capital of only $4,000. The couple […]

Allan Gray: Mega Investor, Mega Philanthropist

January 25, 2016


There are just some people who end up doing things in big ways. This can be said of Allan Gray from South Africa (although he now resides in Hamilton, Bermuda). He got into the investment business and before long was handling assets in billions of dollars, which in turn turned him into a billionaire. He […]

Pollyanna Chu: Kingston Financial Co-Founder

January 22, 2016


Pollyanna Chu who is in her late 50s is a resident of Hong Kong. She is married with one child. At the age of 18, Pollyanna moved to the United States. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and her Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University. Pollyanna married her husband, Nicolas, who she met […]

Bruce Cheng: Delta Electronics Founder & Honorary Chairman

January 19, 2016


Bruce Cheng who is in his early 80s is a resident of Taipei, Taiwan. Married with two children Bruce earned a BSEE degree from the National Cheng Kung University. He then started his professional career as an aeronautic instrument engineer at Air Asia company. Bruce held management positions at TRW in engineering, production, and quality […]

Zhang Hongwei: Energy Tycoon

January 15, 2016


Zhang Hongwei is in his early 60s and a resident of Beijing, China. He holds a bachelor of science from Harbin Engineering University and a master of science from Harbin Institute of Technology. He was born in a poor family in a village close to the frozen northern city of Harbin. After university, his first […]